Can Nootropics Cause Brain Damage?

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These days in the medical world, scientists are making attempts to develop a medicine to enhance the power of the human brain. It is occurring with many drug manufacturers focussing on developing a pill we call a ‘Nootropic’ or Smart Drug. Now, the idea behind increasing the production of such a medication nowadays is to provide you with the perfect solution to your cognition woes. Already, there are several over-the-counter Nootropic drugs available in offline and online retail stores. However, there are questions that we need to ask ourselves, which include, Are ‘Smart Drugs’ safe to use? Can you take nootropics with antidepressants? Therefore, it provides answers to these essential questions here by presenting to you this blog. 

What Are Nootropics or Smart Drugs?

Typically, a Nootropic or a Smart Drug are medications that help in enhancing your cognitive performance. It essentially works by stimulating your brain to significantly improve your memory, attention span, and clarity in thinking. However, if you want this drug to work effectively, you will need to use a ‘Supplement Formula’ or ‘Stack,’ which uses more than one Smart Drug in combination. Doing so increases the chance of these multiple Nootropic medicines working together to affect many brain pathways positively. That too at the same time to deliver desired results. The unfortunate aspect of this type of medication is that some Nootropics side effects long-term can be very harmful to your body. 

Why Do You Need To Take a Nootropic or a Smart Drug?

Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate or focus daily? Are you unable to remember and hence forget small things quickly, very often? If you are, then it only means taking a Nootropic or a Smart Drug to improve your cognition. Simply put, the time has come for you to take medication to enhance brain function. Since doing so, you will gain the following benefits for your cognitive function. They include the following: 

  1. Improvement in memory 
  2. Sharpening of attention and focus 
  3. Proper regulation of stress 
  4. Energy boosting 
  5. Drive motivation 

However, you need to understand that, like all synthetic medications, taking a Smart Drug can lead to Nootropics side effects long-term. They are as follows: 

  1. Blurring of vision 
  2. Increase in blood pressure 
  3. Issues in circulation 
  4. Rapid heart rate 
  5. Insomnia or lack of sleep 
  6. Addiction 

Can You Take Nootropics With Antidepressants?

Usually, take nootropics and antidepressants and consume them together. However, the combination can be hazardous simply because even natural nootropics can adversely interact with antidepressants since these drugs have two different mechanisms of action. So, when you use nootropics and antidepressants together, it will affect your body significantly to varying degrees. In addition, it will lead to you experiencing a few long-term Nootropics side effects, which can harm your overall health. Therefore, to avoid adverse effects from regular usage of nootropics and antidepressants, you need to talk with your doctor before you look to take a ‘Smart Drug’ along with an antidepressant. 

Is It Possible For Nootropics To Cause Brain Damage?

If you consult with your doctor and take a nootropic or ‘Smart Drug’ precisely as prescribed, there will be no damage done to the brain. However, if you abuse it or use a combination such as nootropics and antidepressants, the chances of brain damage increase significantly. Therefore, before you take a ‘Smart Drug’ or nootropic, you must consult your physician or healthcare specialist. 

So, the answer to this million-dollar question: can you take nootropics with antidepressants? It is simply no because if you do consume nootropics and antidepressants, then there are chances that you may experience Nootropics side effects long-term that may prove to be fatal if you do not treat them on time. 

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