‘Modafinil’ is the generic name of the medication Provigil 200mg or 100mg. Typically, you use Provigil 100mg tablet to manage the symptoms of excessive daytime sleepiness that you suffer due to sleeping disorders. They usually include medical conditions like Narcolepsy. Besides, using the Provigil 100mg tab does help individuals have a work schedule that involves ‘Night or Graveyard Shift’ to keep awake. In terms of administration, Provigil 100mg is usually taken through the mouth orally. However, individuals suffering from medical conditions like significant hypertension, arrhythmia, and left-ventricular hypertrophy must try to avoid using it.  

Provigil 100mg tablet belongs to a family of drugs called ‘Stimulants’. Also, in the market, you can find it in essentially two doses, 100 mg and 200 mg. Most healthcare professionals consider it the first choice of medicine for people suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness. 

The man is responsible for developing the ‘Wonder Drug’ that drives away sleepiness that you feel during the day was French neuroscientist Michel Jouvet. Although, Provigil 100mg received approval for medical use in France in 1994. It was only in 1998 that the United States of America Food and Drug Administration or FDA gave its approval for clinical usage. To help you understand more about Provigil 100mg tablet and Provigil cost 100 mg, here is this product article for you. 

What is Provigil 200mg

How Does Provigil Modafinil 100mg Keep You Awake and Wakeful? 

The exact way the Modafinil 100mg tab drives away your ‘Sleepiness’, which you may experience during the day due to a medical condition like Narcolepsy, is unclear. However, it typically works like a weak and selective dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It only means that when you take Modafinil 100mg tablet, there is stimulation in the release of orexin neuropeptides. It is a chemical messenger and histamine (a nitrogenous compound) in the body. This process occurs from within the lateral hypothalamus and tuberomammillary nucleus. Finally, leading to the triggering of an increased state of arousal in an individual taking daily Provigil 100mg. 

What is Provigil 100 mg Used?

When you talk in terms of official FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval, then Pro vigil 100mg tablet you usually take to manage symptoms of ‘Excessive Daytime Sleepiness’ which is caused because of medical conditions or sleeping disorders such as: 

  1. Shift work sleep disorder 
  2. Narcolepsy 
  3. Obstructive sleep apnea 

Moreover, you can also use Provigil 100mg in managing multiple sclerosis (MS) and a ‘Smart Drug’ to help increase mental focus and awareness and decrease sleepiness during the day. Also, you can use Modafinil 100 mg tablet to treat cocaine addicts. 

Side-Effects and Adverse Side-Effects of Provigil 100mg?

If you are suffering from excessive day sleepiness and consume Provigil 100mg tablet, there are a mixture of side-effects and serious side-effects that you may observe and want to understand. They are as follows:  

Side-Effects of Modafinil:

  1. Headache 
  2. Nausea 
  3. Appetite loss 
  4. Dizziness 
  5. Nervousness 
  6. Back pain 
  7. Chest pain 
  8. Nose congestion 
  9. Lack of sleep or insomnia 
  10. Constipation 

Adverse Side-Effects of Provigil:

If you observe serious side effects after consuming a Pro-vigil 100mg tab, you need to stop this medicine and call your doctor. They are as follows: 

  1. Trouble in breathing 
  2. Depression 
  3. Serious allergic reactions 
  4. Hallucination 
  5. Chest pain 
  6. Yellowing of the eyes and the skin or jaundice 
  7. Swelling in the hands, legs, face 
  8. Having problems swallowing 
  9. Anxiety 

Provigil 100 mg vs 200 mg:

Now, this ‘Excessive Daytime Sleepiness’ medication is available in essentially two dosage forms. Therefore, if you are wondering which one is better in the Modafinil 100 mg vs 200 mg ‘Battle of the Two Doses’, it is essential for you to know that 200 mg will always prove to be more effective than 100 mg, as it has more of a positive impact on improving sleepiness and symptoms of tiredness. Hence, 200 mg is the recommended dose for this medicine you use in the treatment of ‘Narcolepsy’. 

Is Provigil Used for ADHD? 

Can Modafinil be used for ADHD pop up in your mind? If it does, then you need to know that Modafinil100mg is a medication that has shown some efficacy in treating the symptoms of ADHD. 

What is Better, Modafinil or Adderall?

Typically, Provigil 100mg is a medication that proves to be milder than Adderall when it comes to treating excessive daytime sleepiness. On the other hand, Adderall is a powerful stimulant with a higher risk of acquiring side effects. Hence, you must use it more carefully than Modafinil 100 mg tab.  

What Does Pro vigil Cost 100 mg? 

In terms of Provigil 100mg price, it costs about $1,503 for a supply of 30 tablets. However, it would help if you kept in mind that Modafinil 100mg tablet completely depends on the pharmacy you visit. 

Provigil 100mg Reviews: 

As per a few websites providing information about Provigil100mg, the overall ratings of Modafinil 100mg reviews are fairly positive, with an average ranking of 7.2 out of 10.